Therapy Services

In-Office Services: Therapy takes place in one of my comfortable, quiet office locations. My style is relaxed and laid back. We talk about what is important to you.

Online Therapy: After an in person assessment, I am happy to offer teletherapy through a secure online platform for residents of the State of Colorado. Technology can help sometimes with our busy life schedules and help us access the therapist who is the best fit.

My practice specializes in:

LGBTQ: Living as an LGBTQ person brings with it unique perspectives and challenges. Having someone help navigate this journey can lessen the burden while overcoming the challenges that might be faced.

Trauma: The effects of trauma can be debilitating, lifelong and can affect significant areas of our lives. Not all therapy is designed to address these issues, which is why it is important to choose someone who specializes in trauma. Our approach is specifically geared towards those who have experienced trauma and clients report significant improvement from our trauma focused therapy.

Spiritual Abuse: This is sometimes the most insidious form of abuse because it is shrouded in something that is supposed to be inherently good. Acknowledging this experience for what it is can bring immense feelings of guilt and isolation. With a seminary education and years of study on various faiths, I am equipped to not only help you understand your spiritual history, but to help you find a more healthy expression of your spiritual side.

Children: Play therapy is a unique approach to treatment. I specialize in working with children who have experienced trauma and children who are exploring their gender identity or are beginning to identify as transgender. Children posses a unique ability to make sense of the challenges they face and heal from them with impressive resiliency. Guiding them through this process is one of my greatest passions.

Services mentioned above are the areas that I focus my practice. If the above mentioned do not seem to fit what you are looking for, you can still reach out to me. I can help you find the right therapist to walk with you in your journey.
Please reach out to me for my free 30 minute consultation. It is designed to help find you the right fit.

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