Play Therapy
Play Therapy Fort Collins CO
  • Do you ever wonder if your child's tantrums are "normal"?
  • Do your child's teacher's describe him/her as more active than other children his/her age?
  • Does your child seem to be overly aggressive with other children?
  • Do you feel you have tried everything to get your child to act the way you want with no or little success?

Many parents feel this way. You do not have to be alone in figuring this out. I have worked with children and families for over 15 years in clinical, home, and school settings. There are so many developmental milestones that children go through. It can be overwhelming as a parent knowing what is normal, what is a phase, and what is a concern. The first thing that you as a parent must know is: You are the most important person in your childs life. Even when it feels like your relationship with your child is damaged, the truth is that he/she would be lost without you. Often it only takes minor changes to bring peace back into the home. Because young children learn and grow in the context of a relationship with their primary caregivers; I view therapy as a process for the whole family. I encourage the key players in that child's life to be involved in therapy, and involve parents and direct caregivers in the therapy sessions as much as possible. I use a variety of methods including, but not limited to: child-directed play, parent-child therapy, and intentional skill building activities. I work with each family to tailor an approach that will meet your individual needs. For more information about what play therapy is and why it is used, click HERE.

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