Individual Therapy is for when someone might need an impartial perspective. Sometimes feelings may arise that are difficult to share, or troublesome to process on your own.

That is where I come in.

Individual Therapy is an opportunity to safely express your emotions, while learning a variety of coping methods, and healing techniques. I use an eclectic blend of therapeutic techniques including person centered, existential, gestalt and experiential. I also work with individuals to practice coping skills such as breathing techniques and EFT.

Many people wonder what to expect when they come to therapy. Will they be lying on a couch? Will they be expected to share too much too soon? Can the therapist read their mind?? The answer to all of these is no! The therapy office is casual and comfortable. You are in charge of your time in therapy, and decide how much to share and when. I cannot read your mind, but am trained to read body language and interpret emotional response. I facilitate an open and honest discussion about you and what is on your mind.

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