Consultation And Coaching

I offer several types of consultation when therapy is not appropriate.

Therapeutic Consultation: This is designed for those who may not feel they need to commit to therapy, but need an objective person to talk to. I offer short term packages of sessions that are targeted and focused on finding answers to whatever you are facing. If at the end of our time, you feel you need longer term therapy, I will provide referrals for experienced therapists who can work with you on an ongoing basis. *Payment is due upfront and refunds will not be issued for unused sessions.

3 sessions: $400
4 sessions: $520
5 sessions: $650

Professional Consultation: Mental health challenges show up in the real world, and many times it's not possible to bring those affected to a therapy office. For this reason, I offer to come to those real world settings and provide guidance and support. Some examples of those who might benefit from professional consultation services include: Teachers, Pediatricians and Medical Practitioners, Child Care Professionals, Nanny's, Tutors and Sports/Extra Curricular Activity Leaders.

Consultation can include: education about the person's needs, coaching on supporting the social and emotional development of a child, coaching on supporting a child with special needs, or training on specific special needs or mental illnesses. All client information will be kept strictly confidential. Call or email today for information about pricing and packages.

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