About Counseling
Alicia Fort Collins CO

My entire life I was told a story of who I am. I am a good girl. I follow the rules. I am meek. I am quiet. I don't talk back. I never rock the boat. I do what I am told without questioning authority. I follow a certain path in life.

If I accept this story, I will be safe. If I accept this story, I will be loved. I accept this story, I will have a perfect life. So, I accepted this story. And, I was depressed. I felt trapped. I felt invisible. I hurt people I loved. I had my heart broken over and over.

I prayed every day for relief from my misery. My prayers were answered when I decided to change the story.

Change isn't easy. In fact, it is often painful. Thankfully, I didn't have to go it alone. Some companions were intimate, some were professional, others didn't even know they helped. They all played a role in helping me make meaning out of my story. It is out of that experience that I decided to spend my life helping others understand, change and bring healing to their stories.

Someone recently said about me, "Even when you don't say much, I feel I walk away with a better understanding of myself. It's your way of being that helps me think about myself differently."

It is difficult for someone to describe their style, or their way of processing to other people. This difficulty is not a hiccup or disorder but a normal response in honesty. So when I think about myself, and what my style is - I find myself analyzing my own personality, and this is what I come up with. I am honest, and trustworthy. I will not push you to tell me everything, but instead, I will encourage your healing through trust. I will not judge. We all judge ourselves too harshly, and there is no worse judge than you. I will walk with you every step of the way in an effert to feel what you feel; In an effort to process those feelings into useful understanding and perspective.

I received a Bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology in 2000 and earned my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2012. My professional career has been very exciting and diverse. I've been a preschool teacher, investigated allegations of elder abuse and neglect for social services, an addictions counselor, managed a day treatment program for adults with autism, and provided treatment in a rehab program for women who have been victims of human trafficking to name a few. Through my diverse experience, I have walked many people through different stages of life. I feel this gives me a unique and holistic perspective.

In my spare time I can be found outdoors, creating and enjoying art and music, cooking, eating ice cream, and playing with my two black labs.