Welcome to Deep Roots Counseling! Our counseling and therapy offices are located in Fort Collins CO , and Aurora CO . I'm glad you stopped by. Many years ago, I was exactly where you are. I was lost, scared, depressed and desperately looking for answers.  I trusted no one, but knew I couldn't keep going without a lifeline to rescue me. In an act of courage, I reached out to a therapist simply because she looked nice. That act of courage saved my life and permanently changed it's trajectory. That act of courage is the reason I now offer the same lifeline to others.

If you're reading this it's probably because something in your life needs to change. So, how do you know if I'm the right therapist for you? I work with people whose lives have been dominated by shameful and damaging messages about themselves. Many of these people have experienced trauma, spiritual abuse, or identify as LGBTQ. I help people confront those messages, find the truth about themselves and rewrite their stories into empowering, joyful and fulfilling ones. I believe therapy is most effective when there is a genuine connection between client and therapist, and when therapy is collaborative. I provide an objective perspective, knowledge and expertise. You bring your experience. Together we will discover what will help you on your journey. See my profile on Psychology Today

Infant Mental Health

Early Childhood Mental Health

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Pregnancy Related Depression (PRD)

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Lesbian Gay Bi Transgender Queer (lgbt) (lgbtq)

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60% of adults report experiencing trauma.

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Spiritual Abuse

It's often dismissed or ignored, but it can have life long consequences.

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Life Changes

Life changes, adjustment, identity developement, Relationship ending.

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